Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Usborne Creepy Crawlies Review

I got the Usborne Creepy Crawlies book because my girls are fascinated with animals of any kind and size! Yes, even bugs. I will admit that this is not my favorite subject but I try to rein in my distaste for their sake!

They bought those cheep plastic bug viewer cage like things from the dollar store, and of course they wanted to go out and collect bugs. Luckily their dad was willing and able to take them on that adventure! After they got home from their bug walk, with bugs in tow, I was able to pull out this book and they were able to pour over the pages and learn more about bugs.

Usborne does have a Kid Kit that comes with a bug viewer that is made of much sturdier plastic, we have one the kits and I personally like the Usborne one because it is sturdier, though the cheaper ones,are bigger and well you really can't beat the price. And the kit comes with the book as well as the bug viewer. Usborne's bug viewer has the magnifying piece that is detachable so you don't even have to touch the bugs, more my speed! So it just depends on what you are going to use this book/kit for. If you already have the bug viewer, then go ahead and get the book from Usborne, you won't be sorry that you did! But if you don't have a bug viewer then I would spring for the complete kit, after all it's only a couple of bucks more!

***The book and kid kit are no longer published by Usborne.  If you would like to see the great selection of books about bugs or kid kits.

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