Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Usborne Eggs And Chicks Review

We love the book Eggs and Chicks! We are in the middle of doing a unit study on, you guessed it, eggs and chicks, and we have found the book to be an invaluable tool in our home school.

We started out our unit study by having a man from church bring us a couple of eggs and a couple of chicks to our house so we could watch them hatch. We will have the chicks for two weeks and then he will come back and pick them up. Anyway, when he dropped them off we had two new chicks and two eggs. One of the eggs hatched the day he dropped them off and one has still not hatched, I'm not sure if it will.

The girls were so excited about the chicks, all day long they kept calling me over to see the chicks or the new cracks in the egg. You should have heard the squealing when the egg hatched! They sat there for an hour watching the new chick dry off, the feathers fluff up, and the chick gaining more stability and strength.

The book is great because it is written on young reader level 1, so even my 5 year old can read and understand it. It talks about all different kinds of birds and their eggs. Birds that nest, birds that are in the snow, unusual shaped eggs. It also talks about how the chick grows inside the egg and about the chick hatching from the egg. About learning how to fly, eating and growing up.

This book is also great because it is an Internet Referenced book. Meaning that it gives you at the back of the book the Usborne Quicklinks Website, where you can go and discover more information about eggs and chicks. You can watch a movie about birds, watch a video of chicks feeding and more!

The book is recommended for children 6 and up but younger children will enjoy looking at the pictures and having someone tell them about what they are seeing!

The Chicks!
                                                                                       My girls with the eggs in the incubator!