Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Unique Monique-Review

For those of you who have not heard the great news, Usborne has bought Kane Miller Publishing! In the process of obtaining Kane Miller Usborne has officially changed their name and logo. We are now called Usborne Books and More.

How does all this affect you? And what does this mean to you the customer? It really doesn't affect you the customer at all, except now you get to purchase great Kane Miller books from your Usborne Consultant! Yay! Isn't that great news?

To celebrate the fact that we now have Kane Miller books I decided to spotlight one of my favorites, Unique Monique!

Unique Monique is a great story about a young girl who has to wear a uniform to school. The only problem with the uniform is that she doesn't get to be unique.

She ends up trying different accessories to show her own unique style. Each accessory then gets copied the next day by all her peers and is then banned by the principal.

Until at the end Monique does find something that will express her unique style that is all her and no one can ban! Aren't you just dying to know what it is? Well, you'll have to get the book to find out what she can do to finally be unique!

I love this story because it helps teach the principle of individuality as well as the fact that everyone is unique. I also like the fact that she keeps trying, and that the first few things she tries are not allowed but she doesn't give up.

The book measures 11.5 x 8 inches. It is suggested for ages 5-9, though I think all ages will truly enjoy this book!

It retails at $7.95! WOW! What a great price. For less then $10 you can add Unique Monique to your home library!
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