Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Usborne First Book Of The Recorder Review

Today my five year old daughter asked if I would teach them how to play the recorder as part of their home school lessons. Thankfully I already had the First Book Of The Recorder from Usborne, as well as two recorders on hand. So we were able to get started right away.

I only have the cheap recorders from the dollar store but I will be purchasing the Recorder Kid Kit really soon. The quality of the recorder looks better and it comes with a cleaning tool, carrying case, and what appears to be a chart.

I am extremely impressed with the ease that my girls, ages 5 and 6. are having using the book. They are learning how to read and understand music as well as how to play the notes on the recorder. There are familiar tunes and songs included in the book to develop their skills as a musician at a steady pace.

The book also includes games, puzzles, as well as fascinating facts about the recorder. The book is recommend for ages 6 and up and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, child and adult a like, who wants to learn how to play the recorder.

***It no longer comes in a kid kit but if you want a book of recorder music go here.