Friday, December 21, 2007

Usborne Helps You Have Fun Playing With Your Kids

Usborne also has a variety of fun card games. The name of the game is Snap and comes in many different varieties. You need to have two or more players for a game. The object of the game is to win all of the cards! Playing the game is easy enough that my two girls can get it out and play the game without me being there to help, though it's a fun game and once you play one time you might want to play every time! You start out by dealing out all the cards face down to the players. Then you take turns going around flipping over your top card and placing it in the middle. If the card matches the card right below it on the pile you yell out "Snap." The first person to yell "Snap" wins all the cards in the pile. The player who ends up with all the cards is the winner. My girls and I love to play this game especially on a rainy day, which we have been having a lot of here in sunny California! There is a Christmas Snap, Fairy Snap, Fairytale Snap, First Words Snap, Monster Snap, Pirate Snap, and Princess Snap. Our favorite version is the Fairytale Snap, but then again we are girls! As you can see there is something for both boys and girls alike. I think that you too will enjoy playing this game with your kids.

***Unfortunately Usborne no longer has the Snap card games available.  They do have other fun games though so check them out!

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